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I hope! Will include pop-up review cards, some additional settings features, and a variety of fixes.

The next version beyond this will include data for additional JLPT levels, Kanji character selection, and even more ways to slice up and review the great corpus of Kanji.

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I’m getting some reports that iTunes reports Kanji Fuda as being incompatible with the iPod Touch. Not sure why, but I’m in touch with Apple to see what the issue is.

Stay tuned.

Update: This seems to be a problem with older “gen one” iPod Touch devices. We’ll be testing this weekend and, if there are no problems, then update our settings in the App Store to allow for download.

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I just got a note that this is now available in the App Store.  Version 1.2 fixes the initial state bug, as well as a few minor memory issues.

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I’ve decided to dramatically up the price of Kanji Fuda from free to a whopping $0.99.  I had intended to keep this initial version of Kanji Fuda free until I could complete a heftier version that included all JLPT characters.  The thinking was that feedback I received on the free version could be plugged back into the development process.

While I have received some nice comments, there also seem to be a lot of folks installing and then immediately removing the app, and then tagging it with one star.  By charging a nominal fee, I hope to limit downloads only to those who are really interested in studying Japanese.  And I suspect that this small investment will encourage users to speak up about what they like, don’t like, and hope to see in future versions.

At any rate, thanks to everyone for trying Kanji Fuda!

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Just a quick note to say that I’ve submitted a bugfix release for the issues outlined below.  It’s a minor update so I expect it to be available later this week or sometime next.

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While fixing the “unavailable” bug, I came across another interesting problem that I hadn’t previously considered.

Most Kanji have at least two “readings”, or methods of pronunciation.  Since the Kanji writing system was imported from China, most characters have at least the original Chinese pronunciation (on’yomi) as well as a Japanese pronunciation (kun’yomi) corresponding to the word for which the Kanji was introduced.

In Kanji Fuda, under “Settings”, one can choose which parts of a Kanji reading to show:  at least one of the translated “meaning”, the Chinese on’yomi, and/or the Japanese kun’yomi.    This works well generally, however I hadn’t taken into account that some characters have only on’yomi, while others have only kun’yomi.

For example, the character 校 (コウ, koh), meaning exam, school, proof, correction, etc., has only it’s Chinese on’yomi reading; there is no corresponding Japanese kun’yomi.  The character 峠 (とうげ, touge), on the other hand, is one of the few Kanji invented in Japan, and consequently has only kun’yomi with no on’yomi reading.

A problem arises in Kanji Fuda when one elects to show, for example, only kun’yomi.  In this case, the block matching the character 校 (コウ, koh) would be blank.  Likewise, if one switched on only the on’yomi setting, then the block matching a chartacter like 峠 (とうげ, touge) would also be blank.

To work around this problem, I have decided to show the alternative reading when the preferred reading is not available.  If only kun’yomi are being shown and the character 校 (コウ, kou) appears, then Kanji Fuda will display the on’yomi reading コウ (kou) instead.  Conversely it will display the kun’yomi とうげ (touge) for 峠 if only on’yomi are set to be shown.

A little bit confusing, and probably this will be reported as a bug at some point, but I think it’s a fairly good work around.

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July 11th, 2009 | No Comments »

Looks like there’s an initial state bug in this release.  On first install the language is not set, so you may get “undefined” showing on some of the fuda tiles.  If you go into settings and set the langauge, this problem will go away.

Sorry about that!

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Looks like it went up yesterday; oddly with no notice from Apple.  If someone hadn’t sent me a question, I never would have known.  (And despite what it says in the App Store, it’s really version.)

Please check it out!  Search for “Kanji Fuda” from your phone or iTunes.  Or simply click here.

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Despite the relatively low amount of traffic yet, it looks like WinMo is likely to be the next most requested platform.  I’ll start development this week and see how quickly I can get a beta out.  And who knows…  unlike with Apple, I might even be able to get this into the upcoming Windows App Store.

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June 26th, 2009 | No Comments »

Take: Two.  Rather, take: Version 1.1.  Includes support for French, Spanish, and Portuguese.  Hopefully this time we won’t get stuck in App Store review limbo.

And now off to work on study list functionality.  I hope to have a new version out again early next month.

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