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I’ve decided to dramatically up the price of Kanji Fuda from free to a whopping $0.99.  I had intended to keep this initial version of Kanji Fuda free until I could complete a heftier version that included all JLPT characters.  The thinking was that feedback I received on the free version could be plugged back into the development process.

While I have received some nice comments, there also seem to be a lot of folks installing and then immediately removing the app, and then tagging it with one star.  By charging a nominal fee, I hope to limit downloads only to those who are really interested in studying Japanese.  And I suspect that this small investment will encourage users to speak up about what they like, don’t like, and hope to see in future versions.

At any rate, thanks to everyone for trying Kanji Fuda!

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July 7th, 2009 | No Comments »

Despite the relatively low amount of traffic yet, it looks like WinMo is likely to be the next most requested platform.  I’ll start development this week and see how quickly I can get a beta out.  And who knows…  unlike with Apple, I might even be able to get this into the upcoming Windows App Store.

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