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While I wait for Apple to get around to approving the application — or at least elaborate on why it’s been delayed — version 1.1 is in the works.  This version will include support for additional languages, the ability to suppress presentation of “learned” Kanji, and of course a bug fix or two.

While I’m at it, if you’re looking for learning tools on another platform, be sure to vote for your platform of choice to the right.

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June 4th, 2009 | No Comments »

In what has got to be one of the most painful release processes in the world of mobile, Kanji Fuda Lite is finally in for review.  With luck we will be approved in a week or so.  Otherwise… the bug hunt is on!

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The first version of Kanji Fuda is in the final stages of testing and on it’s way to the app store.  This introductory version contains characters for Level 4 of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test.  Future versions will include the following additional features:

  • More characters and Kanji categories.
  • Ability to select specific characters for study.
  • Improved learning-response capabilities.
  • Additional control over game play.
  • Insults.
  • And more!

Be sure to send us you suggestions and ideas; we’ll make sure that they make it in to an upcoming release of Kanji Fuda in the near future!


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